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White Rabbits In A Blizzard

Forms have a single raison d’ĂȘtre. They let a user input data on a website. That is their only function. They were not invented as playgrounds for designers who think that even the scrollbars need to fit a site’s corporate … Continue reading

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Match your tags

A recent exchange on the micro-blogging service Twitter prompted me to write this quick note. One of my friends complained about the work involved when searching for unmatched tags in an XHTML file. So here is my Open Source toolchain … Continue reading

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Dozy’s Little Vim Helpers

Today: A filter for URI encoding / decoding The script introduced in this post will read input from stdin, encode / decode URI’s and URI components and spit the result to stdout. Required software: Vim, Bash, Spidermonkey (a javascript shell) … Continue reading

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Blogging from Vim

With the new “Post by Email” feature from WordPress it is super simple to post directly from Vim. All you need are: your “secret” email handle for your blog Vim an smtp app that accepts cargo on standard input My … Continue reading

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