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Dozy’s Little Vim Helpers

Today: A filter for URI encoding / decoding The script introduced in this post will read input from stdin, encode / decode URI’s and URI components and spit the result to stdout. Required software: Vim, Bash, Spidermonkey (a javascript shell) … Continue reading

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How to post to twitpic from the commandline

twitpic is a service that lets you share your pics on Twitter. Thanks to a straightfoward REST API it is very easy to upload pictures to the service and tweet at the same time. No registration required. When you open … Continue reading

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Replies are now mentions

Why Tweeter Mk3 is late Just as I was about to publish the final version of Tweeter, Twitter announced that they were changing the way so called @replies were handled in their API. Well, nothing spectacular, but Tweeter has turned … Continue reading

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Tweeter catches featuritis

One of the strengths of Linux lies in the abundance of commandline utils that you can chain together through pipes. Instead of installing big monstrous monolithic applications one simply pipes the output of one lean and fast util into the … Continue reading

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