What Twitter does not get

So Twitter changed it’s default settings concerning mentions and replies – Again.

While the last change – when replies became mentions – was a change for the better, this time they went off half cocked and actually decreased the usefullness.

When I started on Twitter, I was a bloody noob to just about anything “social” on the web and fumbled blindly.

Who to follow? How to find out about people? Questions, questions and no answers.

So I lurked on the public timeline for a while and picked out some interesting tweets, whose authors I then followed.

Through sheer luck I found some that really were worth following. Most of those I still follow and they follow me.

Some of what I now call my second wave I found through so called @replies posted by the folks I followed.

Admittedly it sometimes sounds and reads strange if you see only half of a thread, cause you don’t follow the person providing the other half. Often, however, that half of the conversation is so intriquing that you want to see the other half as well and you follow the recipient of those @replies.

Now after Twitters new changes I won’t see onesided conversations anymore and I won’t be able to pick new friends based on the value they seem to give to my old friends.

Dear Twitter, I would rather be intriqued sometimes and make decisions based on one side of a thread. So – would you please stop thinking for me?


About dozykraut

Proud member of Hillbilly's on Linux, promoting open source redneckism in remote parts of the Milky Way.
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