The Twitter Retention Rate Scam

My goodness, 60% of new users of Twitter give up after less than a month.

Who cares?

Well, all those who make a living from scavenging on topics related to social media. The AdSense spammers are having a ball dreaming up iterations of re-iterations of the same headline.

Announcements of podcasts by the self-anointed high priests of The Church of Mashup are swamping the public timeline on Twitter, get picked up and re-tweeted by the copycat spammers and after the prerequisite delay end up in the posts from the mainstream media.

What is really going on?

Twitter has been discovered by the MLM jockeys and other affiliate system spammers. A whole industry has sprung up that offers tools promising instant recognition. Translated to twitterish this reads as: „Use our tool and you will have a gazillion followers three minutes after you join Twitter“

The same "utillities" often also create multiple dummy accounts on Twitter. Hence, one new spammer can equate to as many as ten new signups.

The trail of one of those spam machines can be followed through Twitter by the tell-tale it leaves in created dummy profiles. All its users "location" values are set to Quito.

Thanks to Twitter’s ever more fine-grained detection routines those methods trigger "suspicious behaviour" tripwires and a lot of those accounts get removed within days after their creation.

So why does nobody report on that?

When you are an AdSense crofter you’re not interested in the truth. You are interested in sensationalist headlines because those can be more easily sold to the gullible.

It’s much easier to get clicks from the retarded herd in The Church of Mashup when you peddle headlines like Twitter Retention Rate Sucks Big Time than with How MLM spam tools distort Twitter usage statistics.


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