Linux is not secure

Sorry about the misleading headline. If you came here in the hope of finding a post where to troll some Microsoft FUD or if you are a Linux distro-fanboy of one denomination or the other then this will bitterly disappoint you.

Linux is not more or less secure than other operating systems. It’s just different. A badly configured system can be owned no matter what’s your poison.

The worrying trend in a lot of fori and other fanboy hangouts is embodied by the meme „Linux is inherently more secure than any other OS“. This sort of complacency has all the qualities of an attack vector.

Systems run by complacent people are more easily subverted than systems run by alert and informed people.

The story that should be told is „If handled correctly a Linux system can be more secure than other systems“. With the operative phrase being if handled correctly.

So here is your quick checklist:

  • Is your system up to date with all the latest security patches?
  • Do you know what privilege escalation is and how to protect against it – AND have you taken all possible counter-measures?

If you can’t answer both questions with a resounding Yes, Sir! then your Linux box is not secure. Period and end of discussion.

Useful Links
Noobs Guide to Linux Security at Linuxtopia
Advanced Users Guide to Linux Security at Linuxtopia

So take that complacent smirk off your face and start reading.


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Proud member of Hillbilly's on Linux, promoting open source redneckism in remote parts of the Milky Way.
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