Twitterati in FriendFeeding Frenzy

God how I love it when pundits have gasms.

Remember the Googasm when Google announced Chrome? Wasn’t it great? Everybody from Poble to Scoble danced around the new toy.

Six hours later everything lay in shards when it turned out that Chrome had been built against an outdated and highly insecure version of WebKit. Reaction from the Googasmers? Zilch!

Now that all the nobodies have discovered Twitter the former Twitterati have decided that they no longer want to mix with the plebs and are looking for a new stomping ground, where they can prove that nobody will outdo them as the earliest of early adopters.

The erstwhile Twitterati are having a FriendFeeding Frenzy.

Over at Techcrunchit Steve Gillmor waxes rhapsodic with a deluge of ill considered metaphors that he must have snapped up cutprice at TrashBay.

Well, Steve, perhaps a few lessons over in the literature department would have been in order. At least they might have taught you that stirring up bilge doesn’t turn it into drinkable water.

Scoble, not to be outgunned, produces a series of HD videos about his take on FriendFeed that he, of course, FriendFeeds to his quivering followers who impatiently wait for his latest piece of drivel.

So – what is it all about?

Well, for one, FriendFeed is the first sign that homo sapiens webensis is about to return to the tribal structures of the Stone Age. Scared out of their little wits by the demons in the wide blue yonder of the World Wide Web in its unfiltered, unsorted and often anarchistic state, the monocells are looking for ever tighter circles wherin to share with but a select few. FriendFeed obliges and re-introduces the concept of private rooms, that hitherto had been tucked away on IRC.

I wish I had a penny for every Web 2.0 app that at closer inspection turned out to be a Unix command or pipeline in drag.

But FriendFeed also adds to the chaos. It enables all those people who already litter cyberspace with their left-behinds to collect all their rubbish in yet another place.

After succesfully fouling Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, three to five topical blogs, Picasaweb and TwitPic with any possible form of imaginable garbage they then autopost the whole shebang to FriendFeed in one fell swoop, and FF obligingly organises it all with circular references.

Since the spammer’s Facebook and MySpace accounts, the three to five blogs, YouTube, Flickr, Picasaweb and TwitPic are already interlinked via every possible incarnation of This_Or_The_Other_Burner plus Google SpamConnect, FriendFeed adds another reservoir for possibly misleading links for anybody searching on good old fashioned search-engines.

If the spam bloggers play their cards right, they can have dozens of seemingly unique URIs all referencing the same trash blog.

Now if that ain’t progress.

The API?

First scrutiny results in verdict "nice and clean". Some quirks and oddities. Like – why does the request for a callback wrap disable authentication? Well, that’s stuff for a full post.


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