Tweeter – The little bash-script that can

A rough and tumble bash script to send updates to Twitter from the commandline. The script also parses the returned JSON (with the finesse of a blunt chainsaw), extracts the message ID and stores it in an Sqlite database together with the text of the tweet.

This requires curl a very powerful program for moving files around the internet using whatever protocol may be necessary and which should really be installed on every system. Believe me kids – curl beats the shit out of everything else in the field of file haulage.

read -p "Tweet: " rtweet
REP=$(curl -s -S -u username:password -d status="$tweet"\
EXP=$(expr match "$REP" ".*id\":\([0-9]*\)")
sqlite3 ~/dbs/tweets<<EOF
insert into mems values("$EXP","$tweet");

Adapt to your needs by changing values to those befitting your system, make executable and stick it in /usr/local/bin/. Then whenever you want to fire off a quick tweet you can call it up enter your tweet and the world receives another superfluous message :-). Enjoy!

Watch this space for a version that sends URLs to Bitly for shortening and then incorporates them into your tweet. I have a working version, but that is sooo like two kludges welded together that I don’t want to show it yet.

Caution: If you are on a box that is shared by several people, you should not stick this in /usr/local/ or anybody can use it to tweet under your name. Either adapt it to prompt for a username and password, or put it in a save location within your home directory that you can then add to your path (see ‘man bash’ for more help).

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In the next installment on the way to a Twitter client in bash Tweeter catches featuritis.


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